Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Go Paperless or Go Home-Saving and Sharing the LiveBinders Way!

For teachers- 
In many ways, a teacher’s personal collection of materials and resources is like a wardrobe; we have some classic pieces we use over and over again, which never fail to impact and impress, but then there are those forgotten gems in the back of our closets, which thrill us when we stumble upon them and are able to restyle, rework and reuse. The longer we teach, the more “stuff” we have that we can’t seem to purge. Some of us are like California closets while others struggle to organize large quantities of teaching materials and resources. We see potential in every piece of content we receive or create and anticipate its benefits in the near or distant future. 
So how does a teacher organize all of his/her “stuff”? to the rescue! is a free site that allows teachers to upload, save, and share their materials and resources. Like a California closet, all files are neatly organized, and professionally presented safeguarding the lifespan of teacher resources and materials, and infusing them with a technological edge.
With, you can: 
  • upload and store your lesson plans, activities, tests, quizzes, projects, student work samples, manuals, handbooks, brochures, videos, PDFs, and more. 
  • share your LiveBinder with anyone you want by simply sending them the link of your LiveBinder.
  • bookmark links of articles, webpages, websites by simply adding the “LiveBinder It” bookmark tool to your browser. 
When you browse the web and find a link you want to save:
  • click on 'LiveBinder it' and save directly to an existing or new LiveBinder.  
All your bookmarked links and uploaded files will be neatly organized on one virtual page with an identifying tab with the option to create sub tabs. 
There’s no more worrying about binders getting lost, stolen, or pages falling out. makes it effortless to save and share your teacher materials and resources with anyone you choose!   
For students- 
Never hear the words: “I lost it!” or “I can’t find it!” ever again! can make  that happen for your students. LiveBinders is a great tool for students who need extra help with organizational skills, and even for those who don’t. LiveBinders is easy enough for students to create their own virtual 3-ringed binders. Both the teacher and the students can add content to the student’s binder. 
For parents-
Increase your parent/teacher communication by leaps and bounds with LiveBinder. Send your parents the link of their child’s binder, or create a special parent binder with information specially for parents. Add and share information to the binder when needed to keep parents in the loop at all times. Parents will love you for not having to buy expensive clunky 3 ringed binders or tab dividers! 
For administrators and school districts-
LiveBinders offers administrators and school districts the possibility of reaching all stakeholders with paperless binders that disseminate information, educate, and connect our goals!  LiveBinders can help educational stakeholders turn over a new leaf when it comes to Vertical Teaming, Conferences, Professional Development and more so we're all on the same page! 

Check out how to create a LiveBinder:

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