Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jump Start The Writing Process With

Everyone loves a good story, and now students of all ages can write their own using Students can customize their stories using their original ideas or use's templates which provide settings or pictures of characters to prompt students to write original storylines. gives students several publication options. Students can embed their stories in a website, share it through social media, print a paper copy, or purchase a hard copy. For $24.95, students can purchase a copy of their storybook including a hard cover and pages in color. has an intuitive interface students of all ages can easily use. There is tool bar at the top of the screen showing each individual page of the storybook in a timeline format. On the left of the screen, students have several options for their story: Props, Scenes, Photos and Text. Each of these tabs have pre-selected options organized by theme, or students can choose to upload their own pictures of people and places to personalize their storybook even more. In the scenes tab, students can choose different settings or upload their own picture of a place and time to add that personal touch.  Of coure, all of these props, scenes, photos and text can be edited or resized to create a desired effect.

How much fun it would be to have students take their own pictures of people and places in their community, or even from places they have visited and incorporate these images into a story. is not just a elementary tech tool. I can see the potential for middle or high school students to use to retell a complex plot using the page timeline. In chronological order each of the pages could help them retell the most important plot events, climax, falling action and denouement of a piece they may be having difficulty reading. has a free sign-in and provides various handouts for helping teachers teach plot and character development. not only jumpstarts students' attitude toward writing, it also encourages students to use their imagination and creativity. 

Check out my story at ! Watch the tutorial video by eduTeacher! Let your class jump right in to WRITE their own story!

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