Sunday, April 22, 2012

Writing's A Smash @!

How do we build a community of writers and readers in our classrooms? How do we teach students to give, receive and apply feedback? can help students experience the writing process first hand! 

First, students post their writing in the form of a draft. Each draft posted is considered a chapter regardless of the genre. attaches a discussion forum to the post so any reader on the site can post feedback, or even provide extension ideas for the piece. Any reader can also choose a featured draft and take the storyline in a different direction or change the genre completely. Hence, the name since all visitors to the site can potentially "mash" their stories. 

Once a student receives feedback, students apply the feedback and repost the revised piece, making it available for further peer review and ranking, but best of all, for the possibility to earn MONEY! 

In the draft stage of the writing process on, only the student can edit the piece, but once the student has edited the piece, he/she will repost the piece as "published. As a "published" piece on, writing can no longer be edited by students, but readers can still comment, and rank the writing. If the piece becomes popular, then students earn revenue for their writing through the page advertisements. also offer writing contests with prices over $500!  (Please visit for a more detailed explanation on how revenue potential works. I could definitely see how a school could create an account and use the revenue for school needs, or how students can create personal accounts with parent permission and see how they can earn money through their writing.) helps students understand writing requires reflection, collaboration and revision.  I hope writing will be a smash in your classroom at

(Disclaimer: This site is open to anyone, so teachers should ask for parent permission/school approval before registering since content of published stories will vary, and may include mature themes. Teachers can still use to have students post their own stories, but monitor what stories students read on

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